Top 10 items to bring camping for a great weekend away

Coming to Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park to camp?

Here’s THE TOP 10 items you’ll want to bring for a great weekend away 

1. Blankets & pillows 🛏 Bring them to reception and get cozy while we screen a movie on our outdoor cinema 

2. Sunscreen ☀ SLIP SLOP SLAP (Available for purchase at reception) 

3. Insect repellent 🐜 (Available for purchase at reception)

4. Togs and towel 🌊 For when you go to the beach, fishing or using our new twin water slides  

5. Torch 🔦  we suggest bringing a torch or head lamp for early wake ups or late nights 

6. Fold out camp chair/s 💺

7. Camera 📸 Make sure you tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram

8. Food and drinks 🥖🍷 (Available for purchase from our Diner

9. Fridge or Esky (Ice available for purchase at reception)

10. Good pair of shoes for hikes and adventuring 👟 Appropriate footwear is needed if you decide to adventure to Orchid Rock, make sure you aim for low tide or come see us at reception for more adventure tips 🙂 

What’s the 1 thing you never forget to take camping with you?

Group campingPhantom Photography 

3 ways to turn screen time into family holiday time


1. Jump off the couch and into the water 🌊

You have the option of the beautiful ocean at your door step or our new twin water slide! 💦


2. Walk away from technology and walk our bush trails instead 🌲

Did you know we have FOUR walking trails to choose from?

Andrews Point, Beachcomber Cove, Yuibera Plant Trail and Diversity Boardwalk, p.s. If you walk Andrews point trail aim for low tide and you can walk across to wedge island, but make sure you wear appropriate shoes 👟


3. Put down the phone, pick up mini golf 

Purchase a $5 day pass at reception and help yourselves to mini golf and more at Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park!


3 ways to turn screen time into family holiday time