Tourism Awards

The tourism award season has rolled around once again. And this year Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Park has taken the opportunity to enter in both the Mackay and Queensland Tourism Awards for the first time. This is an exciting venture and opportunity to be able to showcase and display our slice of paradise to a number of tourism entities.

The presentation ceremony of the Mackay Tourism awards has recently taken place and we were thrilled to be awarded Gold in the Caravan and Holiday Parks category. It’s not only rewarding but heart-warming to be recognised amongst the top tourism operations in our region.

In the coming weeks the award ceremony for the Queensland Tourism Awards will take place. This is an exciting chance to be able to compete against some of Queensland’s very best caravan and holiday parks. As well as showcase and recognise other organisations and individuals in the tourism sector.

As a part of the Queensland Tourism Awards Cape Hillsborough Nature Tourist Parks story has been captured by the team at Tourism Tribe in a Media Release which can be found in the following link.

Mackay Region - Tourism Award logo

Our success and nomination in both the Mackay and Queensland Tourism Awards would not be possible without the support of each and every one of our guests. We thank you greatly, and hopefully we can bring home the Queensland GOLD to share with you all.


Bug and Bites

Bugs and Bites, What would camping be without them? Probably more enjoyable or less itchy you may be thinking? Well your probably right.

But if you choose to go camping its one of the factors that you have to be mindful of as we are holidaying in their natural environment. Unfortunately, there is no real cure for these unwanted biting creatures. However, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent the unwanted itchiness.

  1. Sand flies inhabit low lying areas, therefore there first point of attack is the ankles and legs. To avoid an attack, try wearing socks or light coloured, summer clothing as sand flies are attracted to darker colours.
  2. Sand flies don’t like windy areas, try to move around or gather where a breeze is present.
  3. Our unwanted friends are more active at dawn and dusk, keep this in mind if you have a serve reaction.
  4. When camping ensure you secure your fly screens on your tent, swag, camper or caravan as sand flies can quite easily find small gaps.
  5. Use a bug repellent or even try baby oil this creates a layer on the skin which prevents sand flies from being able to penetrate and irritate the skin.

Below we have created a list of repellents and remedies:


  • Baby oil
  • Insect repellent
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Any form of oil body lotion can form a layer of protection.
  • Kelalan Sandfly repellent (available from our shop)


  • Calamine lotion
  • Aloe Vera
  • Kelalan Itch and Bite Relief (available from our shop)

Don’t let the bugs ruin your camping trip, they are all a part of the experience.

Happy Camping!!!

Captivated by Cape Hillsborough with kids

BoyEatsWorld blogger Aleney de Winter and her adorable family absolutely fell in love with our picturesque surrounds and breathtaking sunrises.

You will be wanting to take your next family holiday here with us sooner rather than later after reading this blog post.

Queensland: Captivated by Cape Hillsborough with kids

Sunrise with the Kangaroos at Cape Hil

Picture yourself here with us as did Steven Funkloch, a German journalist blogger who was lucky enough to wake to the suns rays and watch the sunrise alongside our friendly locals – “Man and animal are relaxed and I have perhaps the best sunrise of my life“.

Read more on his recent Cape Hillsborough sunrise experience . . . (ensure to google translate)


Sonnenaufgang mit den Kängurus am Cape Hillsborough

Why Cape Hillsborough needs to be on your Australia Bucket List

Steph a travel addict and founder of Big World Small Pockets stumbled across our beautiful surrounds on a great 4WD adventure around Australia!

Find out what she had to say . . .

Why Cape Hillsborough Needs to be on Your Australia Bucket List