The park overlooks the Hillsborough Channel in the Coral Sea. The beach at Cape Hillsborough is protected by the lower end of the Whitsunday Islands. There are many beautiful and secluded places to swim with popular snorkeling spots being around Wedge Island and Orchid Rock, or the foot of Cape Hillsborough. Here spectacular soft corals and a wide variety of fish, turtles, crustaceans and other sea life can be observed. Swimming in the winter is delightful and there are several beaches besides Casuarina Bay which provide variety and the opportunity for an interesting expedition.

The official ‘stinger season’ in north Queensland is during the months of October through to April. While there have been no incidents of stings from the Irikandji or Chironex jellyfish at Cape Hillsborough, it is advised that protective suits or clothing be worn when swimming in the ocean in north Queensland during these months .



The park pool is open all year, and is recommended for swimming during the summer months. The 23 metre pool offers something for everyone – a shallow area for toddlers to play with a huge mushroom shower and monster worm spray, deeper areas for the more active and great pool side lounges to relax and unwind.



Freshwater swimming hole:

In the wet season you may be lucky enough to see the waters of Cascade Creek flow down a series of falls along the beachcomber cove walking track into a swimming hole. Follow the water that flows from the swimming hole as it emerges at the edge of the pandanus palms and trickles across the beach. You have to be lucky to experience this delightful swimming hole as it often lasts only 24 hours after the rains.