The park is located on a narrow strip of land between Cape Hillsborough and Andrews Point, and fronts onto Casuarina Bay. The extensive walk from Andrews Point to Indian Head at Cape Hillsborough provides many special places to explore. There are a variety of caves, rock pools, geological structures and expanses of open beach to explore.

The rock formations are wonderful and lasting evidence of the volcanic activity millions of years ago. These border both ends of Casuarina Bay with the beach providing its own special entertainment. Busy sand bubbler crabs create intricate patterns in the sand at low tide, and many sea creatures live in the rock pools.

The beach is firm providing the ideal location for a game of soccer, cricket or a leisurely stroll. It’s delightful to see the children’s faces as they discover a new and interesting creature, or splash around in the rock pools.

But of special fascination to everyone are the wallabies and kangaroos visiting the beach and enjoying the water in the early morning or occasionally in the late afternoons.